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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pre-Order Monril Romper with hat

Monril Rompers
Baby Rompers One-piece Jumpsuits with Hat

Available design - ONLY F and G

Design F (Yellow bee)
70-1.Juliza 2.mie sha
80 1. 2.
90-nicky 2.izyana

Design G (Red beetle)
70-shahila 2.
80-Juliza 2.
90-1.nicky 2.Norsuhada

Material:100% Cotton

Size:70,80 90 (0-6m,6-12m,12-18m)
size shoulder to crotch = 35 , bust = 33 untuk 70
size shoulder to crotch = 36 , bust = 33 untuk 80
size shoulder to crotch = 39 , bust = 35 untuk 90


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